5 Things To Do After You Take Out Your Weave

June 14, 2015|By ZEEELLE

5 things to do after you take out your weave

So ladies, you’ve rocked your fabulous hair extensions for as long as recommend and now it’s time to remove them. While you can reinstall your luscious locks right away, we have a few good practice tips for when you remove your hair extensions.

Detangle With Fingers

Even with the most attentive treatment to your weave while you’re wearing it will result some shedding of your natural hair once it is removed. Typically, your hair sheds a few strands a day. When you’re not wearing hair extensions, you won’t even notice these few strands as you comb your hair. But when you remove your hair extensions, you’ll notice a bit more because they’ve been trapped underneath for an extended period of time.

After your weave is removed and before using any tools on your hair, use your fingers to gently remove these loose strands. This method of detangling your hair is much gentler than using a comb. Once you’ve worked through your hair with your fingers first, then you can move on to using a wide-tooth comb.

Detangle With Conditioner

After you cleanse your hair with a moisturising shampoo, consider apply a conditioner to soften and detangle your tresses. Start at the ends of you hair, slowly working your way up towards the roots. You may still see some more shedding during this process which is normal.

Treat With Deep Conditioner

Promptly after you shampoo and condition your natural hair, follow up with a deep conditioning treatment which will help with any dryness. Look for packaging that specifies intensive or replenishing masks or treatments as well.

Another step to consider is performing a protein treatment instead of a deep conditioning treatment. Be sure to speak with your hairdresser about the right treatment for you if you are unsure which to use.

Get A Trim

Typically, your hair may not seem like it needs a trim after you’ve been wearing hair extensions but getting a light dusting will maintain the help and beauty of your hair.

Give Your Hair Rest

We know how much you love having long and thick beautiful hair. However, whenever possible, give your scalp and natural hair a bit of rest. Wearing weaves all the time creates tension on your hair, roots, and scalp from the extra weight placed on your head. While it may seem like a small amount of weight in the beginning, that added pressure overtime can weaken your natural hair.

Depending on what style of hair extensions you prefer, giving your real hair a break also gives you hairline a break as well. The baby hairs around the perimeter of your scalp are typically the most fragile and the hardest to grow back. Instead of installing another set of hair extensions right away, consider a different style that doesn’t rely on chemicals or added hair.


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